Safaga is a prepared port which most people pass through, but if you are a diver or windsurfer, you should to stop a while to enjoy its turquoise waters and some fancy offshore reefs. However, Safaga's major business, is the export of phosphates and acting as a main local station passageway to Saudi Arabia – during the hajj, thousands of pilgrims from the Nile Valley travel from here on their trip to Mecca. The middle of town is an unattractive which is flyblown, dusty streets, but the resort section at the northern end of the bay has its dozy beauties.

Most people arrive to Safaga for enjoying the diving. It's also a famously stormy place, with a fairly fixed flow blowing in from the north. Most of the resort hotels have kitesurfing, plus windsurfing office and other aquatic sports.

The Art of shopping and haggling

Bargaining is side of everyday life. It’s basically a kind of scaled pricing: it can be a discount for people who have more time than anything, but if your time is too valuable to discuss a deal over tea, then you’re expected to pay more. .
Shopping this way can seem problem, but it can be fun (as long as it's look a game, not a fight). The basic step:

  • -Shop and review fixed-price stores to get an idea of the upper limit of prices.
  • -Decide how much you would be wanted to pay.
  • -Express an occasional benefit and ask the seller the price.

From here, it’s up to your own manner. The steeliest hagglers start with well below half the starting price, quoting a competitor’s price. You learn how to know one shopper who closed deals in less than five minutes although unfortunately this was not threat on the part.
An amiable tactic is to start out just a part lower than the price you had in mind, or offer other sections in the shop that might be thrown in to lighten the deal. Fight the vendor’s tries to provoke guilt – he will never sell below price. If you reach a standstill, relax and drink the tea that’s perpetually on offer – or simply walk out, which might end the deal in your favor?
You’re never under any commitment to buy – but you should never start bargaining on an item you don’t actually choose, and you shouldn’t back out of an agreed-upon cost. The ‘best’ price isn’t necessarily an inexpensive– it’s the one that both you and the seller are glad with, but you should have your souvenir of Egypt, and a good tale of how you got it.

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