Ras Sedr

Ras Sidr beaches, 95 km long and it is one of the Egyptian cities located on the Gulf of Suez Canal in the Red Sea coast. It is located in South Sinai. Ras Sedr is divided into three areas: Wadi Sidr, Sidr, and Abu Suweira.

The region of Ras Sidr has been known since the time of the ancient Egyptians, the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him, the prophet Jesus, peace be upon him and the time of the Greeks and Romans. Ras Sidr enjoys a warm desert climate.

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Ras Sidr

The city of Ras Sidr attracts many tourists as it has sandy coasts with few salts and herbs, and enjoys its calm water. There are many tourist attractions such as: Citadel al-Sidr or Al-Jundi Castle. The presence of these castles dates back to the era of Salah al-Din Ayyubi, where the armies of Salah al-Din went to fight the crusaders.

This is in addition to many important tourist places such as Pharaoh's famous baths where the water springs from the mountain.

There is also the Ras Sidr eye, which contains the sulfur element. These eyes are the most important healing factors, with temperatures close to 75 degrees including the eye of Moses and Ain Wadi Tharaki.

The city has a number of tourist villages and hotels on the beaches, which receive a growing popularity of foreign tourism due to its charming sand and distinct features that help to recover from many diseases.

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