Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

Details about: Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

This sophisticated hotel in an opulent, downtown district is 2 km from both the Cairo Opera and the House Egyptian Museum.

Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

The Kempinski name is proudly borne by a rising collection of featured properties around the world. As Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, we are committed to provision our guests with memorable travels inspired by fastidious European flair. We believe life should be lived with style.

Each year, an rising number of guests come to appreciate these facilities, as Kempinski adds new, spectacular destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and The Americas. While this growth reverberates the strength and success of the Kempinski brand, the collection will keep a limited one, where exclusivity can be nurtured and individuality can blossom.

We believe that our charming, European heritage puts Kempinski in a unique position to pleasure the expectations of the stylish and characteristic traveler. It’s not just to simply provide a hotel bed and a meal, at Kempinski it’s all about getting a life.

Since 1897, Our properties are the setting for some of life’s super moments. We’ve witnessed biggest meetings between world leaders, celebrities taking refuge in the world of privacy we create for them, and created inconceivable memories for guests on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey.

We are sincerely committed to providing  completeness for our guests at every moment and in every way, where our attention to detail and ideal service mean that your special day goes without a stop. At Kempinski, They are each personally responsible for making rich and meaningful experiences for our guests.