Montazah Park Alexandria

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The larger Al-Haramlik Palace and imperial gardens were added to the Montaza Palace foundation, being constructed by King Fouad I in 1932, as a summer palace.

Montazah Park Alexandria

Alexandria was traditionally the place where prosperous Cairenes went to escape the summer heat since the Mediterranean city’s climate is safely milder than the capital 225 kilometers to the south. This included the  judgment family of Egypt. Khedive Abbas II, who is the ruler of the Khedivate of Egypt and Sudan from 1892 to 1914, built Montazah along the Alexandrian coastline as a summer  habitation,.

However, since an unleash Officers Revolution in 1952 removed the ruling family from force, the Montazah palaces and gardens have been much less exclusive than they once were. The gardens are now a well-maintained and very attractive public, seashorepark. It is the most pleasant place to relax and walk in Alexandria and for the very humble price of 50 piasters.
There were two palaces, not one on the grounds. The first one, Al Salamlik, was built in 1892 as a hunting hostel for the Khedive and his friends. The palace was renewed during the 1970’s to render as an official presidential residence during the summer months.

Hosni Mubarak also accustomed it as a summer residence until the development of Sharm El Shiekh during the 1990’s and the structure of a presidential residence there. It has newly been reopened as a luxury hotel.

King Fouad, the last caliph of the Muhammed Ali Dynasty before the 1952 revolution, built the great Al Haramlik Palace in 1932 with a unique architectural manner that combines both Turkish and Florentine power. Today Al Haramlik houses a general museum to history and art of the Muhammed Ali Dynasty.