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The Bibliotheca Alexandria objective to be: A center of superiority in the production and dissemination of public information and knowledge and to be a place of conversation , learning and understanding between people and cultures.

Library of Alexandria | Bibliotheca Alexandria

Position on the Alexandrian Corniche, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a large and striking example of modern 21st century architecture, but the building requisition something much older. The library and cultural center were inaugurated in 2002 as part of a massive project to  memorialize the city of Alexandria’s legacy as an ancient center of world learning and knowledge.

The Great Library of Alexandria was based in the 3rd century BC, before long after the founding of the city as a new capital of Egypt by Alexander the Great. It is considered one of the greatest accomplishments in the legacy of ancient Alexandria since the library and the Mouseion, the larger foundation of learning of which the library was a part, are  approved with preserving most of the knowledge of the ancient world.

It is not known when properly the Great Library and the Mouseion were demolished, but the date is placed sometime around the beginning of the Roman Era in Egypt (31 BC). No one knows how much ancient knowledge was missing in the fire that destroyed the library. The modern college seeks to rekindle the  ideological light that once shown from Alexandria. The library itself shows of a huge and visually stunning main reading room and space for storage of closely 9 million books, but the complex also houses several smaller expert libraries, a conference center, art galleries for both lasting and temporary exhibitions, and a planetarium.

The  surface of the building is garnished with the characters of 120 different written languages as a reference to the , treasure of knowledge from around the world once vivid in the Great Library.