Marsa Matruh

Matrouh is one of the most prominent Egyptian governorates located in the north-west of it. The city of Marsa Matrouh is its capital and occupies second place in terms of area compared to the rest of the Egyptian governorates. It is about one hundred and sixty-six thousand square kilometers and extends longitudinally from the western side of Alexandria with a length of about four hundred and fifty kilometers, and the south of the Siwa at a depth of about four hundred kilometers, and surrounded by the lake and Alexandria from the east, and the south of the New Valley and Giza.

The most important tourist places you can visit in Marsa Matruh

Cleopatra Rock

Cleopatra Rock, or as some call it Cleopatra's bath which includes the bath that was used by Queen Cleopatra and hence came the label, which is characterized by the entry of water to it from all sides, and includes a group of rocks and fossils, and is currently one of the most important attractions.

Ajeeba Beach

Ajeeba Beach is a beach about 24 kilometers west of Marsa Matruh, which is characterized by its blue waters.

This beach is located in front of a giant rock, which walks in the shade of people enjoying this wonderful scene characteristic of the beaches of the world, and some rocks are scattered on the sand beach in a wonderful view, sitting on it and visitors take pictures and appear behind them nature charming.

Rummel Museum

The museum is located on the island of Rumeli in front of the eastern port of Marsa Matruh, about 2.5 km away. It is a cave in the mountain belly.

The museum contains some of the possessions of the German leader Rommel, and a number of his holdings reflect the progress of the Battle of El Alamein and the collection of weapons, tanks and ammunition for the forces that participated in Second World War.

The museum also contains maps of war that record the most important battles in Tobruk, Alamein and Salloum and the Battle of Ghazala and the form of movements of aircraft and air defenses, and a number of helmets for the military and the German warriors during their war in Alamein area, and some administrative records of soldiers.


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