El Alamein

Is one of the Arab cities located in the African continent, administrated administratively by the province of Matruh - Egypt, and has borders with other cities.

El Alamein city borders geographically from the eastern corner of Marsa Matrouh city, from the western corner of Alexandria.

The city is divided into three main areas: El Alamein, Sidi Abdul Rahman Village, and Tal Al-Ais Village.

The most important tourist attractions in El Alamein

Sidi Abdel Rahman

 It is a village located in the west of the city of Alexandria, overlooking the northern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, The area of Sidi Abdel Rahman is famous for its beautiful beaches and nearby tourist resorts with excellent services, It also features villas, waterways, a golf course, and a green pasture.

Marina Alamein Museum

The museum dates back to 2003, with an area of 800 square meters. It was built by experts from several countries (Egypt, the United States and Poland) and about 500 artifacts on text messages of the Ptolemaic, Greek and Roman periods, as well as many daily, cultural and religious stories.

Alamein Military Museum

Due to the importance of the city of Alamein, the museum was built in 1965 and was renovated and reopened in 1992 on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Alamein. Germany, England and Italy shared information and exhibits. A modern hall was erected to highlight the role of Egypt in the Battle of El Alamein. The museum consists of five halls and a main hall with a monument.

Marina El Alamein

Is a tourist resort located on an area of 250 acres and includes several tourist products, most notably Porto Marina, and includes hundreds of housing and summer resorts and a number of restaurants and hotels and a shopping center and equipped with all vital facilities and internal roads in addition to the coordination and landscaping work to represent one of the most popular Egyptian summer resorts and most popular It is full of entertainment and comfort alongside charming nature hits.

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