Cairo, capital of Egypt is known locally as "al-Q?hirah," which is the Arabic name for Cairo; it has always been attracting many tourists, because it was dating back over million years ago to the time of the Mamluks. However, lifestyle in Cairo is crazy, fast, surprising, crowded. 

Cairo is the world's oldest civilization which famous for its own the Nile river. If you want to start your trip to Cairo, it would be complete by visiting to the Giza Pyramids, Saqqara Pyramid Complex, where visitors will see Egypt's Imhotep for the third dynasty Pharaoh, Djoser.

If you’re want to calm down by using your senses and lose yourself to this beautiful and powerful city, you can discover the best of Cairo; the adorable mood of small cafes and the pleasure of getting around narrow streets. It would be impossible to accurately describe Cairo without visiting in a trip; it is unique one of a kind.

The city has a great culture; it provides music halls, such as the Cairo Opera House, Sawy Culture Wheel art galleries, and art galleries like Ahmed Shawky Museum which is considering one of the largest cities in the world. It also easy to choosing a residency every budget from any traveler, There are a variety of hotels such as the Cairo Marriott and Four Seasons and hostels.

When you're done with the morning landmarks of the city, embrace Cairo's incredible of shopping, enjoying comfort and more activities in nightlife. You should Shopping from the famous Khan el-Khalili souk, (or bazaar) which unchanged since the 14th century, then go to modern centers with air-conditioned which have the latest fashions.

All a gift of the East can be here. Particularly you will find nice goods like best of spices, carpets, gold, silver, perfumes, brass and copper-ware, leather work, glass, ceramics and mashrabiya. Cairo have the famous street markets, like Wekalat al-Balaq; for fabrics, including the Tent makers Bazaar of Egyptian cotton and there are a Mohammed Ali Street; for musical instruments and, although if you won't want to use it, you should visit the Camel Market makes a fantastic trip. This is, and has been for over a thousand years from now, so truly the shopping in Cairo can't stop, here you can buy a fascinating  and unique present from here.

In a city Cairo which is lively, with variety, culture and good-hearted people who are always want to help, you'll never finished the list things to do.

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