The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria, named as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", has an ambience that is more Mediterranean more than Middle Eastern; its atmosphere and cultural tradition distance it from the rest of the country like the capital of Egypt, Cairo.

Alexandria is a large tourist destination, and a year-round seaside rest, with its historical charms for whoever wishes to visit ancient monuments, get a gaze at Alexandria's gorgeous past, or simply spend a sunny vacation with enjoying the golden sandy beaches, the shining sun, invigorating sea breeze, and fun-loaded entertainment stains.

The world famous Alexandria Library which is an enormous cultural and scientific block, which attracts eager knowledge prospectors within and out with Egypt. It is another charming landmark of Alexandria, which plays a precious role in spreading cultural, civilizational and historical acquaintance along with a large number of cultural centers spread around the city.

Since its establishment by Alexander the Great, Alexandria has always been the meeting point of cultures and civilizations as clearly witnessed by the considerable museums, monuments and relics from the Paranoiac, Roman, Coptic and Islamic times.

With its unique location overlooking the Mediterranean, its temperate climate and its attractive beaches, Alexandria has been an essential point on the itinerary of tourists visiting Egypt. Therefore, it was vital to build a marina for yachts to raise yacht tourism industry, and hold local as well as global boat racing competitions, which further add to the city's attractiveness for tourists from around the world.

Alexandria's Weather

Alexandria is the surrounding environment for four-season. In the winter you'll enjoy the breezy mornings and cold air in the night and if you're a winter lover, It's lots of rain.So, if you want to know about Alexandria is that while in the summer turn out the ideal weather.

So, it makes both the spring and the autumn the optimal time stain for visiting, you won't only avert the summer, but you'll also enjoy the perfect mixture between the breezy summer and the cold winter.

Alexandria has an ancient history; not only was Alexandria founded by ‘Alexander the Great‘ but also was one of the major beacon of Christianity and had one of the biggest Cathedrals there.

In recent history, Alexandria was considered a metropolitan capital of the Mediterranean and was the home to many Greek families which gave it a massive cultural variety.

So here you get a Middle Eastern atmosphere attended by an amazing location on the Mediterranean Sea, all enriched by its cultural and historical surroundings.

If you are looking for the ideal destination for your family vacation, Alexandria, Egypt is a perfect choice for you.

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