Details about: Malaaz Band Event

They're named Malaaz team to escape from work troublesome and life attentions, and also, the Malaaz is considered for the audience is the resort which mean escaping from the piddle repeated songs. El Sawy Culturewheel is going to held a live concert for Malaaz team as one of the most known bands that present Rock in Arabic, they're going to present a combination of songs like: Malek Elmelook, Watan and Meen Enta.

Malaaz Band Event

Malaaz is an Alternative rock band which created in 2014 by Mohamed Abdelrazik (Composer, Guitarist and lyricist) with his friend Amr Beshr (command Guitarist) who share the  same passion for Metal and Rock music. They have formerly got to know each other when Mohamed introduced him to an old band since 2012 with the same background. The band major concern is to introduce alternative rock and hard rock in Arabic lyrics acceptably that could be heard by anyone in any case of their musical background and/or style.

Subsequently, At the end of 2014, the bassist Moataz El Nashar attached the band and by the starting of 2015, AJ El Gohary (Drummer) joined to complete the final line up of Malaaz.