Details about: Transistor Band event

Transistor performes the Alternative & Rock style with an original Egyptian Musical spirit. And the master advantage of Transistor Band is all the songs have been formed in a creative work shop form by the band's members and their close friends. Transistor Band played the melody and sing which related to the Egyptian generation between the 20 till 30 ages.

Transistor Band event

Transistor Band was created in 2009 by "Nour Ebid" who is the former founder and lead guitarist for the Egyptian “ Taqfil Massry “ Band .
Nour Ebid composed many songs in a workshop with Yehia AlSohagi and Ali AlSohagi to compose, write and sang for the “ Taqfil Massry “ Band.
Nour perceived that he had a lot of songs and melody that could be offered by a new band. At this moment Nour determined to connect with his close friends to form the new band "Transistor" Mostafa Sami and Sameh Shabaan, and many other members. 

Transistor Band faced a lot of barriers that made it very difficult to continue with this formalization. After a while, a very specific member was added, "Abdullah Sherif," the drummer of the Musephoria team, who added a lot of his experiment in New style music to the band songs. 

- Guitar & Vocals by Nour Ebid Lead 
- Lead Guitar by Moataz Kamel 
- Bass Guitar by Sherif Salem
- keyboards by Ayman Ramdan
- Drums by Abdullah Sharif